Advanced Tent REntal

Sales Tent Rentals

We provide temporary sales tent structures complete with climate control, lighting, interior installations and everything required for a comfortable, functional sales office.

During extensive renovations and site development, businesses need to have a quick and efficient solution for maintaining service to their customers while generating new sales leads. Our custom tent structures create a pleasant indoor ambiance for customers, and staff can carry out their work in comfort. We provide a considerable variety of modern accessories to achieve this, including climate control, interior installations, lighting, flooring, etc.

We've Got You Covered

For an event of any size, we have the pieces to make your party perfect. 

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With over 30 Years of experience we know everything there is to know about tents.

We have a wide range of custom tent solutions, including lighting, HVAC, flooring and branding.

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We install stunning tent drapery that will make a great addition to any event décor.

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Have peace of mind in knowing we provide a worry-free experience to our clients.

We have an extensive tent and event inventory, we can handle any event of any size.

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