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Pole Tent Rentals

Our pole tent rentals adequately provide a comfortably airy atmosphere. These tents are very stylish and extremely durable. Pole tents are excellent for larger events such as lavish weddings, corporate picnics, charitable fundraisers, etc.

Pole Event Tents

Pole Tents are universally known for both their inspiring ceiling heights and remarkable resilience to high winds. They feature large poles in the middle of the structure and are unique in their appearance due to the towering, graceful peaks.




Usually, pole tents have at least 1 superior pole in the center as the main support. People prefer to decorate the center pole in a tent as a centerpiece, using flowers, vines, various plants or fabric. The overall shape of the tent undoubtedly has graceful curves, dips, and prominent peaks, without any metal pipes showing on the inside.

Pole tents are available in the following widths:

  • 30’widths (any length)
  • 40’widths (any length)
  • 50’widths (any length)
  • 60’widths (any length)
  • 80’widths (any length)
  • Great tent for Festivals.
  • Interior poles throughout tent.
  • Most cost effective tenting alternative.
  • Can be quickly erected.
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