Advanced Tent REntal

Construction Tent Rentals

Our construction tent rentals can be used universally for different projects, such as building remodeling, complex construction or to shield the work site or its valuable materials, and crews from various unfavorable weather conditions.

Willingly complying with tight deadlines on construction projects can sometimes be very difficult. Elements like weather conditions can defer a construction timeline, thus cutting into the project’s bottom line. Our construction tent rentals promptly give an ideal answer to combat delays and mishaps.

Our construction tents are not only strong but economical, costing much less than a traditional temporary building. They can be installed for the short or long-term, from days to several years.

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For an event of any size, we have the pieces to make your party perfect. 

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With over 30 Years of experience we know everything there is to know about tents.

We have a wide range of custom tent solutions, including lighting, HVAC, flooring and branding.

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We install stunning tent drapery that will make a great addition to any event décor.

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Have peace of mind in knowing we provide a worry-free experience to our clients.

We have an extensive tent and event inventory, we can handle any event of any size.

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