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International Plowing Match

Plowing Matches have been part of our agricultural history in Ontario for well over a century.  In the early days they were sponsored by Agricultural Societies, the first farm groups to be established.  

History records that in 1846 when the first provincial exhibition was held in the city of Toronto, a special feature of the event was a plowing match.  It took place on a farm on Young Street in the vicinity of St. Claire Avenue.  

These matches not only gave farmers an opportunity to display their skill in the handling of a walking plow, but to show the fine teams of horses, many of which were imported or were from imported stock.

Advanced Tent offers one of Canada's most comprehensive inventories of clean, top-quality tents, and is committed to working with show organizers and exhibitors to effectively meet all of their tent requirements. To do this, we will not only supply tents from our own inventory, but will co-ordinate the involvement of several local tent suppliers at the Match, helping ensure that some of the economic benefits of the IPM stay within the local business community.

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