Add Flair To Your Outdoor Event With Tent Add-Ons

Add Flair To Your Outdoor Event With Add-Ons


When hosting a wedding or any event outside, you need to think about a lot of things. We’re sure you’ve checked the weather forecast religiously, but whatever it is – whether sunny or rainy, your party will still be exposed to the elements.

That’s why rental tents for weddings and events are so popular. By renting a tent you make sure your outdoor event is protected. Tents come in different shapes and sizes, ready to meet everyone’s needs, but something not many people know is that there are tent add-ons you can use to spruce everything up and make your event both more functional and eye-catching!


Here are a few ideas for your bespoke tent!


When looking at rental tents for weddings especially, getting some event tent drapery to round the whole thing up is a great idea.

Your rental provider will probably stock a vast array of drapes that can be used in a variety of ways to elevate your event and take it to the next level.

You can use drapery to surround your whole venue, hiding the plain tent walls, or you can use them to create a focal point in the venue, accenting the newlyweds’ table and creating an amazing backdrop in the process.

Drapes can also be used to make the entrance of your venue way more attractive than it already is, making your guests feel like they’re stepping into a fairytale!



Lights are a great way to add a romantic vibe to any space, no matter if it’s a rental tent for a restaurant or your home.

Still, since rental tents are pretty plain, adding lights to them can create a truly magical feeling, especially if your event is held after sundown! Stretching string lights from one end of the ceiling to the other is one way to create an unforgettable and elegant look to wow everyone.

This is an especially great idea if you’ve rented a tent that has a regular ceiling, but it also works amazing with clear-top tents. Depending on the size of the bulbs, you can bring the starry sky within arm’s reach! Just imagine the photos!

Since rental tents for weddings are usually equipped with electricity throughout, you’re not limited in where you put your light sources. You can create cozy corners, accent your focal backdrop even further, or make that archway or draped entrance even more stunning by softly illuminating it.



To make your tent just a little bit more like a venue, you can use resin or plywood flooring, or add a carpeted area.

Carpets aren’t really ideal as they don’t really conform to the lay of the land as flooring does, but when done right, they can really add to the whole look of the space without being a tripping hazard. It’s best to talk to your rental provider and make sure the area you’re looking to have covered is suitable and can handle carpeting.

If it can’t though, the other two options are also amazing and hey, if you still want that carpet, you can lay it over the installed floorboards!

Field, backyard, and overall outdoor weddings understand natural terrain and since everyone will be dressed up, that might not be the best option, especially for dancing. Heels plus grassy land is a definite no-no! Flooring will help you make sure everyone is comfortable and safe and can have a great time!


To Sum Up

These are just a few rental tent add-on ideas you can use. There are plenty of other options to spruce up your tent and make it uniquely yours. Heating is an add-on you should definitely consider as well, and when working with a professional rental company adding it on is as easy as pie.

Talk to your rentals provider and they’ll be able to walk you through all the options you have. Remember that white isn’t your only tent color option, especially when you’re looking at a rental tent for a wedding.

Pricier, but definitely not standard and plain, tents in different colors can be made just for you or can be rented out ready to go. There’s nothing wrong with white, but if you’re looking for something more, know that you have options available!


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Floating Tent Case Study

Every so often a client comes along who isn’t afraid of doing something a little crazy.

On this particular occasion, the bride and groom wanted something completely unique to celebrate this special day with a wedding tent at their cottage overlooking beautiful Jacobs Bay. 

While standing on the dock overlooking the lake discussing their vision for this event to the wedding planners at Spectacular Spectacular and our team a member of our crew jokingly said “we should just put the tent out there.” (meaning the lake). The client jumped at the idea.

And thus begun our odyssey to figure out how to not only make this happen but to make this happen without a hitch.

The first plan was to build the deck for the tent to be erected, in this case, it would end up be a dock that would be anchored on the bottom of the lake. 

This presented all kinds of issues, the first being obtaining the necessary permits needed from the Department of Oceans and Fisheries in case we disturbed the natural habitat.

The second issue was that our team found out that the bottom of Jacobs Bay wasn’t very solid; it turned out that the client previously had to dig almost 45-feet down to find bedrock when they built the cottage boathouse. 

It was at this moment in time we were starting to run out of solutions that is until the client’s landscaper who happened to be there one day suggested contacting the individuals who create floating docks, and that’s exactly what we did. Experts were consulted, engineers were called in, measurements and estimates were made, budgets were signed off and finally, our team and NY Docks were clear to begin the installation.

To get around the issue of anchoring our dock, we looked at the possibility of renting barges and putting a tent on them … But yet another issue was raised, the problem was that in the summer months, barges are in very high demand, being the workhorses of cottage country bringing machinery and supplies to only boat accessible cottage properties, no barge operator would be willing to give up three barges for the more than three weeks during peak season. So instead we used a really long anchor, it worked perfectly.

So now that the dock was engineered and installed it was time for the floor to be constructed, and then build the framework itself on top of the base. 

The rigging, draping, and carpet came next. White carpet in tents brings up yet another slight hitch, every single person who enters the tent has to wear disposable booties to ensure the white carpet stays in pristine condition; this makes it more time consuming to set up tables, chairs, furniture, decor, etc.

Here you can see where things are progressing: the draping is installed, the composite railings are on, the wiring has been completed for lighting & AV and the plush white carpet has been rolled out. 

There was only one thing missing.. given the size of the wedding and the complexity of the installation, we had no spot on the deck for restrooms… But if the tent was going to float, we might do the same with the toilets as well!

So that brings us to the big day itself. This was our first time working with the internationally-celebrated photographer Jerry Ghionis and his wife Melissa and they captured these beautiful photos.

For the place setting, each woman had a single orchid, and the troughs running down the centers of the tables alternated: two rows had roses bordered with ferns and one had roses with the breath of an infant-a flower that obviously has great symbolism in the native Brazil of the bride.

Finally – the Grande Finale – fireworks out on the lake, with a great view of our Little Floating Tent from the water.